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Why dryrobe is perfect for outdoor adventures

If you’re a swimmer, surfer, paddleboarder or someone who loves getting in the sea, then you will have come across dryrobe, the changing robe designed to let you change discreetly and warm up after getting out of the sea.

Born here in Cornwall, where founder Gideon Bright grew up, dryrobe was conceived as something to help ease the pain of changing in a freezing carpark after surfing in the chilly British sea. The original spark for the robe came from his mum, Anne, who fashioned a waterproof cape for a Christmas present, which Bright describes as having “light blue waterproof material on the outside, with a stripe across it, a dark blue towel lining with an elasticated hole for your head to stick through and a hood with poppers”.

Thanks to dryrobe’s unique design, which is now made from 100% recycled materials, word of mouth meant that the popularity of dryrobe soon spread through the swimming and surfing community, becoming a staple piece of kit for many. Thanks to the elite performance benefits, including the ability to retain core temperatures before and after events, the robe was soon adopted by competitive swimmers, triathletes, and endurance athletes. This saw dryrobe reach a whole new audience and is now a familiar sight at sporting events, including the Olympics and Paralympics.



Roomy enough to let you change out of your wet swim gear while staying warm, the dryrobe Advance features a handy waterproof outer, which is made from recycled nylon and finished with an eco-friendly protective finish. This is waterproof up to 10,000mm and the seams are heat-sealed to ensure protection. This creates an effective barrier against wind and rain, ideal when the conditions out aren’t so pleasant.

 The cosy, synthetic lambswool lining is made from 100% recycled polyester, which is from post-consumer plastic and helps you maintain your core temperature. The fast-drying technology draws water away from your skin and means that the robe can be used several times throughout the day, perfect for getting in and out of the water and keeping warm in-between swims, surfs, or any kind of adventure! 

Weighing only 1.3kg, the dryrobe Advance is light and can be compressed with the help of a compression bag, making it great for those spontaneous adventures or packing for travel. With plenty of internal storage pockets, you can fit everything you need into the robe without having to worry about lots of extra baggage. The fitted, long sleeves with fasteners at the wrists help you to stay even warmer and the fleece-lined hood will keep your head warm and dry too.  


It’s clear from the level of detail included in a dryrobe that plenty of thought has gone into creating a changing robe to suit anyone who enjoys making the most of the outdoors. With a range of ambassadors, including swimmer and surfer Sophie Hellyer, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, paddleboarder Cal Major, and Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones, dryrobe proves that it is a truly adaptable piece of kit, made for all kinds of adventures, big or small. 

In recent years, dryrobes have become increasingly popular even if you’re not planning on jumping into the sea. Not only useful for walking the dog on a cold, drizzly morning in the middle of the winter, a dryrobe is also handy for sitting outside on a chilly summer evening, wearing around a campfire, while camping, or watching sporting events. With dryrobes available in youth sizes too, as well as for dogs, there’s something to suit the whole family. It’s certainly true that once you have a dryrobe, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

A range of dryrobes is available in our Polkerris Beach shop or shop online, with free next working day delivery straight to your home. 

Why dryrobe is Perfect For Outdoor Adventures
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