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May 1, 2017
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May 9, 2017

Why I love Polkerris Youth Sailing Club

Evie Neale (Sailing Club Member)

Sailing in Polkerris is amazing! It's a great experience and a chance to make new friends and work as a team. Taking to the water in the Picos is a great opportunity to learn new skills, have a little bit of competition, and more than anything, enjoy yourself!

As well as passing on their expert knowledge the instructors always give you a laugh before creating an exciting race course or playing fun games when the wind’s light.


A lot of people find that sailing can be quite relaxing, and attending the regular Sunday Sailing Youth Club is always a good way to finish and reflect on the week.

Sailing is also great for learning awareness out on the water, as well as sightseeing and exploring coves and beaches along the local coast. What's more we often have the pleasure of spotting the odd seal or couple of dolphins out in the bay, making the water sport even more exciting.


Earning each RYA Sailing Stage is an accomplishment to be proud of; from stage 1 to 4, you learn everything from the basic rigging of the Pico dinghy, to useful knots, to racing out in the heavy winds.

In conclusion, sailing at Polkerris is an exciting experience- perfect for anybody looking for new skills or just a bit of fun on the water.  

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Why I love Polkerris Youth Sailing Club
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