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July 29, 2017
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August 12, 2017

Top Tips For Beginner Windsurfers

Learning to windsurf can be frustrating and difficult at times, these frustrations can often be down to a few small things that stem from incorrect body positions.  Making a few small changes will help to develop basic windsurfing technique and may boost your sense of fun and achievement. Mastering these core skills will seriously benefit your windsurfing whatever your level! 

The first thing to focus on is Vision. This can be very easy to forget about - where you look is where you go! Keeping your eyes up, although it might sound simple, can make a world of difference. This applies to all windsurfing not just beginners. Avoiding looking at the feet or ‘gear gazing’ will make maneuvers smoother and also help to improve balance on the board.  

Next up is Hips. When learning to windsurf it is common to let the rig control the body, pulling the stance out of shape. For a beginner it is ideal to keep the hips forward; this helps to keep the head back enabling better Vision and also creates better counterbalance against the rig and the pull of the wind. 

Finally concentrate on the Limbs; this is broken down into Arms and Legs. First Arms, keeping the rig at a distance can help to create the framework needed for a great stance and can be applied to all stages of windsurfing. Bringing the rig in close and bending the Arms will break the frame and make it very difficult to stay dry. Secondly Legs; when up hauling keeping a slight bend in the knee will help to absorb any movement in the board. Without this bend all the movement of the board and water go through the body, which will most likely again end in you getting wet!  

Thinking about these simple steps will make a huge difference to a windsurfer that has just started out. 

To get on the water and develop your windsurfing technique with one of our instructors contact us or book a one to one Windsurfing Clinic.