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March 25, 2020
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April 26, 2020

Our super experienced sailing instructor Simon shows you how to tie our six top sailing knots. All you need is a piece of rope or string! Happy Practising! 

1. Reef Knot

This knot is used to join 2 ends of a line to attach around an object. In sailing this knot is used for reefing and furling sails and in everyday life it can be used as a cool way to tying up parcels!


2. Figure of Eight

This knot is used as a stopper knot. It’s an important knot in sailing as it stops ropes from running out of retaining devices. It’s also used in rock climbing and in fishing for connecting terminal tackle!


3. Bowline

This knot is a way of tying a loop into a line. It has a wide range of uses; in sailing small craft it’s used for fastening the halyard to the head of the sail and to tie the jib sheet to the clew of the jib. It’s also commonly used as a rescue knot as well as for tying down light aircraft. In addition it can be dropped over a post to prevent something moving, can be used as a lasso or even an effective temporary dog lead! It’s of note that the bowline knot can work loose, particularly when not under load. To make it more secure you can add a Figure of "8" knot to the tail.


4. A Round Turn and 2 Half Hitches

This knot is used to secure a rope to a fixed object such as a pole. This is the knot everyone knows they just didn't know it had a name! It’s a very secure knot and one of the few that can be undone (carefully) whilst under load. A good knot to keep something tight; as tension can be constantly applied whilst securing with the 2 Half Hitches.


5. Clove Hitch

This knot is good for hanging things up, but is only secure when under load. It’s most commonly used in sailing to hold fenders in place and allows for adjustment to the rope length to get them to the correct height. Beyond this it’s often used in pioneering, you can make a good temporary fence by tying it horizontally onto a post. Happy practising!


6.Cleat a Halyard

Cleating a Halyard (cleat hitch) is a great way to lock a line in place and stop whatever is on the other end moving. Although it’s called “Cleat a Halyard” the same knot is used to secure a sailing yacht to a pontoon or dock. The big advantage is that you can tie it from the deck of a yacht to a cleat below on a pontoon. It also comes in handy for securing the ends of a washing line!

Knots Made Simple
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