September 2, 2018
Polkerris & Daphne
November 27, 2018
September 2, 2018
Polkerris & Daphne
November 27, 2018

A Summers Day

Simon McEvoy, Sailing Instructor 

The day starts with a beach in shade and a view that’s love at first light, the sun is rising so quickly the shadows fade.

The sound track is the chorus post dawn, so the screech of gulls fills the air this summer’s morn.

Depending on flood or ebb, the beach grows or shrinks, but of the complexity of Tides no one thinks.

A rash of windbreaks with mat or towel; a dad buried by a toddler with trowel

A beach of families with bucket and spade; with holes to dig and castles to be made.

For the toddlers time for that first paddle and salty splash;

That’s proceeded by a hesitant dash.

As the sun’s strength increases, more sun cream applied to exposed skin pieces.

Lunch is ice cream and sand, parents with pasty in hand.


SUP’s paddled expertly or not, they are having fun so care not.

Schools out, and students appear with a wave and shout.

With wet suits on its time to jump; pier or pontoon is there doubt?

So jump from the pier and swim to the pontoon.

As time passes the sun starts to set all too soon.

As the sun departs, colours fade, lengthening shadows increase the shade.

The sun salutes the passing of a wonderful day with a fabulous, magnificent colourful display.

From vivid crimson to pastel pink, then there’s time to reflect, time to think

A Summer’s Day
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