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May 28, 2018
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July 17, 2018

36 things to do outdoors before you’re 10!

We’ve put together a fun list for your kids to check off to see how many things they've done and give them ideas to get outside and  live life to the full! Have fun!

Build a sandcastle
Ride a wave
Blow bubbles
Jump on a giant inflatable
See a dolphin leaping
Make a daisy chain
See an outdoor play
Catch a fish
Fly a kite
Explore a cave
Go camping in a tent
Be a pirate


Ride a skateboard
Skim a stone
Do gymnastics in the sand
Find a fossil
Have an ice cream headache
Catch a crab
Jump in a puddle
Ride a bike
Play beach rounders
Cross an ocean
Have a summer picnic
Kayak down a river


Go rock pooling
Watch the sunrise
Climb a big hill
Spend a day at the seaside
Swim in a lido
Wear fancy dress
Look through a telescope
Decorate a rock
Bury your legs in the sand
Have a water fight
Build a den
Swim in the sea whilst it’s raining

Kids Outdoor Bucket List
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